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To Publicize an Event that is open to the public:

Docese of St. Petersburg:
  1. go to this webpage 
  2. click on Full Calendar/Submit Event 
  3. then click on Suggest Event. Fill out the Suggest an Event Form 
Spirit FM: go to this webpage and submit info:

Tampa Tribune:
    1. go to this webpage:
    2. click on the Create Your Event button
    3. If you do not already have a free account, you will need to create an account to submit an event go back to step # 1
    4. Complete form (including Venue - search for St. Mark we are alreaady in there) and submit 

St. Pete Times:  send an email to:

New Tampa Neighborhood News: send an email to:



TampaBay MetroMix:

New Tampa Patch (online):
Request to Cover an Event or Story: 

Tampa Tribune:

St. Pete Times:

New Tampa Neighborhood News:

The Laker newspaper:





New Tampa Patch (online):