Use of the Piazza Before Masses

We limit the number of tables out on the Piazza prior to masses to a maximum of two.  We do this so that there is not a market atmosphere at the entry to the church prior to mass and to allow parishioners access to the Narthex that is unrestricted by the placement of tables.  When scheduled for use of the Piazza please follow these procedures:
  • Use the plastic tables that are stored near the restrooms:
    • please only use these smaller tables (please do not take tables out of classrooms) 
    • these table have adjustable legs (height) - If you need help please see Luther 
    • please use one table per ministry and if possible, share a table 
    • if you need to use chairs, please place them behind the table (not in front) 
    • if you need to use an easel or tripod, please place it next to the table or behind the table (not in front) 

  • Please place the tables on the side of the Piazza nearest the church office door (all tables on the same side) please position the table under the overhang as shown below:

                              (click on image to enlarge)