Sharing a Google Doc with non-staff members

One of the great benefits of using a 'cloud based' platform like Google Apps is the ability to collaborate with our parish's wonderful steward/volunteers and ministry leaders via Google Docs.  There are two important point to remember when sharing documents:
  • When we share documents we must always be sure that any document that we are share does not contain any confidential information.  
  • When you are sharing a Google Doc with non-staff members, you need to use different Share settings than when you are sharing it internally with staff members. 

Here are the directions to share a Google Doc with a non-staff member:.

1) Click on the Share button.

2) in the Sharing settings window click on the Change... link.

3) Click on the Anyone with the link option.

4) Near the bottom of the window make sure that Access: Anyone (no sign-in required) is set to the option you desire: Can edit or Can view

5) Click Save.

6) Copy the document's shared internet address Paste it in an email and send it to the people that you want to share it with