All Staff Members on Google Apps!

posted Jun 3, 2010, 12:46 PM by David Larson
All staff members are now using Google Apps.  Staff members are already finding new ways to collaborate such as Faith Formation sharing their Hillsborough and Pasco Public school calendars with the Youth Ministry (saving double work between Youth Ministry and Faith Formation).

Father David has given the okay to progress from the "dual delivery" pilot to the full Google Apps implementation.  This will allow the staff to use a number of Google Apps features that are not available in the pilot configuration.  Please note: The Rooms Schedule calendar will remain on the old platform for the foreseeable future.

Once we migrate fully to Google Apps your old email and calendar information will still be available on Outlook, however, no new updates will be sent to Outlook.  If you would still like to use Outlook as your primary interface a special Sync program can be configured for your PC.  Please note, however, that Outlook does not support many of the most powerful Google Apps features such as Search, Threaded Conversations and a 7GB email archive and you will not have these features if you use the Outlook interface.