Facebook & Twitter

posted Sep 2, 2010, 9:57 AM by David Larson
  • Father David has approved the Communications & Marketing Committee's recommended Facebook guidelines.  These guidelines are based on a draft set of guideline from the Diocese.  Click here to view the guidelines.

  • Please let Chuck Rizzo know if you would like any items posted to the Facebook.  

  • If you have a personal Facebook page:
    • It is important that you have the proper privacy settings.  Click here for the recommended privacy settings for any staff member that has a personal Facebook page.   
    • Diocese guidelines does not allow you to use your personal Facebook page for work or ministry-related purposes.  This includes “friending” students from your personal profile while the professional relationship of teacher/minister-student exists.
    • Please become a fan of St Mark's facebook page

  • Finally, if you use Twitter, we are automatically send out "tweets" every time the facebook page is updated.  Click here to follow on twitter