Baptismal Font - Open/Close Instructions

The following are instructions on opening and closing of the Baptismal Font.  Typically, the font is opened during the Easter season.

Team and time needed:

Allow approximately 4 hours to complete; this is for both opening and closing.  Have at least 4 people available.  

Verify with the Sacristan the day/date that the font should be opened, usually Wednesday before Easter Sunday.

Contact David Herman or Bruce and confirm their phone numbers, IF you need to call them.

Supplies, parts, tools, etc:

The supplies are located in the A/C room (units 1 & 2) just inside to the left.  You will need blue tape, black marker, windex and assorted cleaning rags.

Removal instructions:   To Open Up Font Before Easter

Using blue tape, number each piece of glass floor (see chart in packet).

Have carts ready.  Using the 2 suction cups, remove glass floor section and place on carts.  Place cardboard between each piece to avoid scratching.

Remove clear rubber “L” shape pieces from each section, wipe down and label to match the number of the glass section.

Remove all cross bars (3) and number with blue tape.  Remove all side rails.  Wipe down all and place on cart.

Wipe down and clean entire inside of font.

Lift lower skirt of font bowl (use brace to hold up) then apply 2” pvc cap over pipe near west side of bowl. (close over flow valve).

Turn on valve in mechanical room (a/c unit 3).  See chart on wall.

Roll out blue flush hose (outside) toward ground drain.

Fill basin about 4 inches of water then flush some of the water through the pipes.

Flush water by opening lower drain valve (far side) and close valve for font (near side).   Let flush for about 30 seconds then close lower drain valve and roll up hose.

To increase flow of water from bowl into basin, open flow switch valve (outside), turning clockwise.

While basin is filling, remove floor plates (6) and install hand railings.  Number each floor plate of its location.  Place black duct tape at base.  

Immediately place flower pots around ALL to basin!!

Fill water to top of top step.  Return filler valves to original positions (a/c room 3).  Back off flow switch valve (outside) to original setting.

Re-install instructions: To Close Up After Easter

Turn pump off. 

Lift lower skirt of font bowl and remove 2” pvc cap.

Upper basin still off, still pulling from bottom drain.

When turning pump back on, may need to turn flow back to upper font to prime pump.  Then turn back to lower basin (gray valve – 90 degree turn).

After pump is back on, roll out blue flush hose (outside) towards ground drain.  Turn on (open) red top valve.  Open drain valve by hose connection.

Bring out all carts and supplies while water is draining outside.

Add algae control to water when basin is almost empty so algae control sits inside pipes.

Use squeegee to push water towards drain.

After drain hose slows down, close drain hose valve, close red valve, return drain to upper font.  Roll up outside hose.

Use a wet vac for remaining water, wipe down walls, steps and floor.  Put fan blowing into basin to ensure its dry.

Remove any dirt from rubber “L” shape strips if needed

Remove hand railings.

Re-assemble all side and floor grids (ensure they are level).

Re-install floor plates in numbered order.

Re-install glass floor sections.  Leave middle/end one out above both sets of steps.  Aim fan into one open section and allow to run until completely dry.

Replace remaining 2 glass floor sections.

Walk on glass sections to ensure all are level with no movement.  Adjust with shims as needed.

Put rags in wash machine.  Mop up floor as needed.

Place any remaining supplies in A/C room (units 1 & 2) 

Place these written instructions with supplies for next time.

Ensure all floor mats and rugs are dry and rolled up near supplies.

Last Edit: 6/14/17  YR/PB