Offertory Blue Bags - Preparation Procedure

1.    Collect: blue offertory bags, bar code plastic clips, and plastic offertory bags (with bar code) from closet by the Office Angels.

2.    Sort blue bags by Mass time, make sure they are empty.

3.    Click Here for link to “Offertory Bag Number Reconciliation” to record information (a new tab will open), follow instructions below to record information:

a)      Select year and scroll down to select weekend to be prepared.

b)      Get 3 plastic bags.

c)       Type plastic bag’s bar code number on computer’s link next to its date and category (1 for donuts, 1 for miscellaneous, and 1 for poor box).

d)      On folding part of plastic bag, write date and prepared by XXXX (i.e. donuts, poor box, misc). Write same information on white front area of bag (see sample on picture).

e)      Plastic bags for:  - Donuts (goes in Ministry Coordinator's Mail Box  - Mary Strickland)

                                    - Miscellaneous, and Poor Box (go in Finance Manger's Mail Box - Joe Phillips)

d)      Replace index card with bar code number in Blur Bags; place a new or recycled index card with a new bar code number and plastic clip inside clear window of blue bag (bar code number is same as clip number).  Make sure clip number shows on the window.  Then close bag (see pic below)

g)      Type bar code number on computer's link next to its Mass date and time. 

h)      Fold each group of bags (sorted by Mass time) and tie them together with a rubber band.

i)      Prepare a log for the Ushers (White Form) fill it with with bags' numbers.

j)      Put all the bags along with the White Form inside Usher's cabinet in the Church (low cabinet in the Nave, to the right of the Baptism Font, behind the oils) for the Ushers.

k)      Close "Offertory Bag Number Reconciliation" window after all changes are saved in Drive.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prepare extra Bags for Holiday Masses, and add information on the Link.

Last Edit:  1/24/18  YR