FF Registration Form - Intake

v    Registration form filled out completely and signed by parent/or guardian (See Registration Form File)

v    Form needs to be notarized: (on back, in front of notary)

v    Retrieve Family ID or Envelope # from Connect Now and place Family ID or Envelope # on form.

v    Be sure Family is registered  and an active Parishioner

o       If not registered Parishioner be sure they register. (We have laptops in Faith Formation office to register parents as members of the parish at time of registration)   You will be unable to register children into class if they are not registered parishioner.

§        If registration for parish takes place at time of registration for faith formation it will take a few days for family name to appear in Connect Now. 

§        Have parent sign permission form for us to add the children into Connect Now once approved as new parishioner. (see white form)

o       Make Sure the family has an “active” status in Connect Now if not Please do the following:

      Check the “notes” section of their registration in Connect Now to see why they were made inactive

      Call family and ask:

      If they received a letter about their registration for the parish

      If they would like to be re-activated

      If they would like envelopes sent to their house

§        Make all notations on green form so IT Coordinator is aware that we have contacted the family.

If there is any changes to be made for their address, email, phone etc. a “family directory update” request form needs to be filled out and forwarded to the IT coordinator for update.

 v    Double check to be sure child/ren are Baptized.

o       If the child has NOT been baptized they are to enter RCIA adapted for children.  A copy of the registration form will be placed in the RCIA bin located in the Director of Sacramental Preparation office.  Email will be sent to the RCIA coordinator notifying them of a new person. (provide child’s name, parents name and contact information)

o       If child has been baptized in another Christian faith (that is recognized by the Catholic Church) the child will need to make a Profession of Faith prior to receiving First Holy Communion.) Please make a notation and give to the Director of Sacrament Preparation.

v    Parent/Student Parish Faith Formation Policy Agreement Form

 Must also be filled out. (Golden Form)

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