Front Desk Helpful Hints

 9:00 am - Open, take phone off “DND” and “Night” Mode.

Click on (arrow down)

Click on Prog

Click on DND

Click on Cancel

Then click on NIGHT button (second row to the right of the phone).

Check to see who is in the office so you can properly transfer calls.

Read Weekly Bulletin to know all the events occurring in the parish during the week.

Sign visitors into the computer log.

All calls should be screened in order to assist parishioners and help everyone in the office.

All calls for faith formation should be put into “308” or “317”.

All calls for Fr. David should be transferred to Yoceline Rincon ext 310.

Keep the door closed at all times, and bring mail to the front desk (if requested from Mail Boxes)

DO NOT let people in the office until you confirmed someone is waiting for them.

Please assist wherever needed.

Take care of all family needs at the same time if possible.

Last Edit  3/30/17  YR