Liturgy Coverage Protocol

Set up for Weekend

- Rosemary and Frank Lauro will set up for Sat 5 pm Mass

- Joe Moceri- Usher for the Mass and will assist where needed.

- 7:30 am Open Front Doors of Church and The Venetian, and open donuts Cabinets in the Venetian Kitchen Area

- CY DiLeo will change out the candles in Daily Chapel and work with the Altar Servers.

- Willie/Gary Woodard will assist with setting up Ushers' needed items and get the Communion Bowl, Host and Wine, and Water Cruets

Set up needed for Altar at  5:00 pm, 8:30 am, 10:30 am and 5:30 pm:

All Items for this are in closet behind the Altar. Each item is labeled on the cabinets. These items will be placed on credence table when

- 1 Chalice for priest. Each priest has their own. Sacristans know who uses What.

- 12 Communion Cups are placed in the Wooden Cup Holders. Cups should be filled just above the half way mark, cover with a Corporal on top of them.

- 12 Purificators placed next to them

- 7 Ciboria, (9 Ciboria for 10:30 am Mass)

- Priest’s Chalice with Purificator, Paten and Corporal on top

- Finger Bowl, glass pitcher with water and towel (these are all placed on back credence table on ramp.)

- Lectionary and Prayers of the Faithful Binder (placed on the Ambo)

- Gospel Book on Offertory table where Ushers do preparations

- Roman Missal, Prayers of the Faithful Binder and the Bells (Placed on table across from Altar Servers pew)

- Light candles (done by Altar Servers) Ambo and Altar, by 4:30 pm on Saturday and 8:10 am, 5:10 pm on Sunday.

These go on The Offertory Table by (the Font):

- The Gospel Book

- Water and Wine Cruets,

- Big Glass Ciborium, a Corporal to cover them, there are about 5-6 sleeves of Hosts per Mass placed in Bowl. Ushers will add according to attendance.

-Check Batteries for Celebrant and Deacons Mic is good, (3 bars should be showing on Mic for maximum power, 2 bars are still good. Do not use with 1 bar, Batteries in Draw with mics in priest Sacristy)

Ministry Coverage

- Check with the EMHC’S Captain to make sure all the stations are covered, 18 needed + priest. (2 more at 10:30 am Mass for front Main aisle)

- 2 Lectors

- 4 Altar Servers needed: can make it with 3 Bob will check 5:00 pm, CY checks at 8:30 am, Michelle Lumadue checks at 10:30 am, and Karla Bermudez checks at 12:30 pm.  Luther or Bob in this case will check 5:00 pm & amp; 5:30 pm.

-The 12:30 pm Mass Ramon Gomez, Patricia and Simon Iglesias are the Sacristans. They will set up and clean up for Mass.

* Important Note: there are some Parishioners about 7 to 9 who get the Gluten Free Host; these Hosts are in the Fridge in closet next to Pastors Sacristy. Ushers will let Bob know if they are there.

            - There are 1-2 for the 5:00 pm.
            - They range 3-5 at 8:30 am, and or 10:30 am
            - There is 1-2 at 12:30 pm
            - There is 1-2 at the 5:30 pm

During and or After Mass:

- Ushers will make sure the Collection and Children’s Rock bags are placed in Safe.

- All Communion Vessels in Sacristy are cleaned and put away. This is done by the EM Captain; Bob will verify it is done.

- The Main Lights are all turned off as the Parishioners are out of the Nave. The A/V ministry will turn on the “Everything Switch” about 15 min before Mass Time

- Release the Bars and lock up the Church and check for any other action as needed

- There is a Cleaning Crew on Saturday. No Cleaning Crew Sunday night. So Bob will lock up.

- St. Vincent De Paul will place their Red Wagon and Cart in the back of Venetian.

- If Jared is not in the Venetian, make sure the Front Door’s handles are released, locked and alarm set.

Last Edit:  5/18/17  Luther Ferris / YR