Mass Intentions

New Book should be ordered by August; once book is received, you proceed to write on it all Masses for the year, please pay special attention on Mass Date during Holidays (Print holiday schedule for the year)


- One Mass a Week for "Parishioners of St. Mark"

- Every Wednesday Mass for "Vocations"

- First Friday of every Month for "Sick and Deceased Members of SMARTS"

- For Knights of Columbus:

    * Sat 4 pm - around 3rd week of June for S/Ssgt Joseph Fuerst (d)

    * Sat 4 pm - around 2nd week of November for Deceased Members of K of C.

    * Sunday 10:30 am (closest to Sept. 11th) for 911 First Responders.

Stipends are $10 for a weekday mass; $20 for weekend masses.  Credit cards can be accepted over the phone for their convenience for an additional $1.00

For assistance, please contact the parish office at 813-907-7746 or email Yoceline Rincon, Adm. Assistant at

Mass Intention Procedures:

-    Mass Intention may be made for a person who has passed away, wedding anniversary, the health of someone sick, or someone’s birthday.

-    Only one Name per Mass (spouses can have a mass together)

-    Print Names Neatly and put a “(d)” if the person is “deceased” or an “(L)” if “living”.

-    Print by the name if “He” or “She” (just when needed)

-    Print name and phone number of person requesting the Mass.

-    Record amount paid and write either cash or check (number) and your initials.

-    Fill out a receipt; yellow copy may be given to the person who pays along with a mass card.

-    Fill out a mass intention envelope.  Enclose payment and white copy of receipt on mass intention envelope, and put them in the safe located in the break room.  If paid with credit card, put both receipts (white copy and credit card receipt) in Joe’s mail box.

-    No Mass Intention can be made for the following:

        Saints, In Thanksgiving, Souls in Purgatory.

        If they strongly insist, an intention can be made for the souls in purgatory. 


• We can change “Parishioners of St. Mark” if someone needs that specific date (as long as we can move it to a different day during the same week).

• We can never move “Vocations” from Wednesdays.


St. Leo Abbey.

Mass Intention at St. Leo’s Abbey can be offered; a specific date is not given; the monks will celebrate the mass for the intention. The stipend is $20. 

If paying with check; make it to St. Leo Abbey. Give a copy of the receipt to the person paying, along with a St. Leo Mass Card.

Fill out the St. Leo Abbey form and give it to Yoceline Rincon with the payment so it can be mailed to St. Leo.


-    The light of the Sanctuary Candle may be offered in a weekly basis (Sunday to Saturday), stipend is $25.

-    Provide the family with a Sanctuary Candle Memorial Card.

-    Fill out a receipt; yellow copy may be given to the person who pays along with the card.

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