Procedures for Parish Affiliation Letter/Forms


• As soon as a Parish Affiliation Form is received in the office, we provide the family with a Policy Letter from St. Mark Church (copy attached at bottom of page)

• Family will sign a copy of the letter which we will keep in our records (coy attached at bottom of page)

• We check family participation in the Parish to approve this form by:

-         Revising use of envelopes for the last six months.

-         Checking if the family or a member of the family is involved and participating in any Ministry at St. Mark

• If family is actively participating form is signed.

• If family is not participating, form is denied and asked to bring back for review in 6 months.

• Special cases are given to the Manager for approval.

• A follow up letter is mailed to parishioners who are not participating after they receive the Parish Affiliation Form back, either approved or denied, to remind them they need to be active parishioners in order to re-apply or have the form approved later for review (copy of follow up letter attached )

• A total of 2 follow up letters are mailed (quarterly).

• A log is kept and shared in Google Drive with family information, envelope number, dates, school, and grade kid is going to


As per family request and after review of family participation (registration date and actively participation), a letter is prepared , print in letterhead, and signed by the Pastor.

Sample letter attached below under links.

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