Weekend Mass Set Up / Coverage

Saturday - 5 pm Mass

- Rosemary (Sacristan) and Frank Lauro (Usher Capt.) will set up.

Joe Moceri (Lead Usher) will assist where needed.

- Lock up done by Jorge (cleaning crew)

Sunday Morning

-7:30 am Open Front Doors of Church and The Venetian

-Open donuts Cabinets in the Venetian Kitchen Area (keys are located in Mary Strickland’s mailbox)

Sunday Masses

8:30 am Mass

- Turn on lights in Social and Liturgical Narthex  

CY DiLeo will change out the candles in Daily Chapel and work with the Altar Servers.

Willie / Gary Woodard (Ushers) will assist with setting up Ushers needed items: the Communion Bowl, Host, Wine and Water Cruets, Gospel Book and place on Usher table

10:30 am Mass

Martha Gaska and Joe Quinto (Sacristans) will clear up the 8:30 am and then set up the 10:30 am Mass

- EM Capt and EM’s will clear the 10:30 am Mass

12:30 pm Mass

Ramon Gomez, Simon Iglesia and Karla Bermudez (Sacristans) will set up and clear 12:30 pm Mass

5:30 pm Mass                                  

Daniel Mayorga (Usher) and Ana Senjung (Sacristan) will set up for Mass. EM Capt and EM’s will clean up after Mass

Set up needed for Altar / Credence tables:

- 5:00 pm, 8:30 am, 10:30 am, 12:30 pm, and 5:30 pm: all Items are in closet behind the Altar. They are labeled on the cabinets.

The following items go on credence table on the ramp:

-1 Chalice for priest, with Purificator, Paten and Corporal on top. Each priest has their own (Sacristans know which one to use)

-12 Communion Cups are placed in the Wooden Cup Holders. Cups should be filled just above the half way mark, place a Corporal on top of them after filled

-12 Purificators placed next to the Communion Cups 

-7 Ciboria (9 Ciboria for 10:30 am Mass)

- Finger Bowl, glass pitcher with water and towel


- Lectionary and Prayers of the Faithful Binder (placed on the Ambo)

- Roman Missal, Prayers of the Faithful Binder and the Bells (Placed on table across from Altar Servers pew)

 Ambo and Altar Candles are lit and blown out by Altar Server Candle Bearers -  should be lit by 4:30 pm on Saturday, and 8:10 am, 10:15 am, and 5:10 pm on Sunday.

The following items go on The Offertory Table (by the Font) where Ushers do preparations:

Gospel Book. Place wooden Gospel Book Holder on the center of the Altar

- Water and Wine Cruets

- Big Glass Ciborium, a Corporal to cover it. There are about 5-6 sleeves of Hosts per Mass placed in Bowl. Ushers will add according to attendance.

- Check Batteries for Celebrant and Deacons Mic is good (3 bars should be showing on Mic for maximum power, 2 bars are still good. Do not use with 1 bar, Batteries in Bottom Draw with mics in priest Sacristy)

Ministry Coverage

- Check with the EMHC’S Captain to make sure all the stations are covered, 18 needed + priest (2 more at 10:30 am Mass for front Main aisle)

- 2 Lectors

- 4 Altar Servers needed: can make it with 3

          Frank Lauro will check 5:00 pm

          CY checks at 8:30 am

         Michelle Lumadue checks at 10:30 am

         Karla Bermudez checks at 12:30 pm

         Luther or Christiane Gordy will check 5:00 pm & 5:30 pm.


* Some Parishioners (about 7 to 9) get Gluten Free Host. These Hosts are in the Fridge in closet next to Pastors Sacristy.

- There are 1-2 for the 5:00 pm.

- They range 3 to 5 at 8:30 am and or 10:30 am

- There is 1 or 2 at 12:30 pm

- There is 1 to 2 at the 5:30 pm

Ushers will let EM Captain know if they are at Mass.

Before, during and/or After Mass

The A/V ministry will turn on the “Everything Switch” for lights about 15 min before Mass Time. The Main Lights are all turned off as the Parishioners are out of the Nave. 

- Ushers will make sure the Collection and Children’s Rock blue bags are placed in Safe

- All Communion Vessels in Sacristy are cleaned and put away; this is done by the EM Captain

- Release the Bars and lock up the Church and check for any other action as needed

- There is a Cleaning Crew on Saturday.  No Cleaning Crew Sunday night; Jared will lock up (if Luther on Vacation)

- St. Vincent De Paul will place their Red Wagon Cart in the back of The Venetian.

- Jared will make sure the Front Door’s handles are released, locked and alarm is set for The Venetian.

Last Edit: 6/14/17 YR/LF