Welcome Reception Process and Supplies


All new parishioners are invited to attend a Welcome Reception as part of their registration process at St. Mark.

Receptions are held on a monthly basis and rotate to follow each of our weekend Masses. Receptions are held on the same weekend in both the English and Spanish Language (with the Spanish Language Welcome always following the completion of the 12:30 pm Mass)

New Parishioners are invited through an email invitation extended one week prior to the reception. Email invitations are followed-up with a personal phone call. RSVP’s are requested. Responses are tracked and inquiries responded to as they come.

An announcement and invitation is made by the Presiding Priest at the end of the appropriate Mass. All new parishioners are invited to attend.

Welcome Receptions in the English language are co-hosted by the Pastor, Director of Marketing, Communications and Development, the Ministry Coordinator and a Welcome Team.

English Language Sessions are as follows:

• Seating is arranged around the board table in San Giorgio for the Sunday morning receptions. Additional chairs are lined around the
perimeter of the room. Name tags and pens are placed on the table and sign-in sheets are passed through the group. A front table holds supplies and guests are invited to bring coffee, juice and/or doughnuts from the fellowship area.
• At receptions which follow the evening Masses, chairs are arranged in a semi-circle in the St. Michael the Archangel Room (6 rows of 8 chairs, separated by a center aisle). A side table holds the gifts and supplies and hospitality is placed on the back counter.
• A reception table is placed in the hall, outside the door for sign-in and name tags.

• Hosted by the Ministry Coordinator who greets and welcomes, explains plan for the evening, introduces Pastor who engages the
newcomers, invites sharing, and speaks as the Spirit inspires. The gifts are blessed.
• Additional speakers are introduced and cover the talking points in turn (See list below)
• Speakers include the Ministry Coordinator, the Director of Marketing, Communications and Development, a representative of Faith
Formation, a representative from Stewardship Committee and other Ministry Leaders as invited to share timely information

 Our Mission and Vision – Matthew Kelly Initiative
 Registration – Two step process; remember to go back and add family members
 Importance of regular envelope use – and/or online giving
 Stewardship – offering back to God; Prayer, Participation, Generosity
 Faith Formation – Diversity of offerings for all ages
 Sacramental Preparation – processes for preparation for and receiving the Sacraments
 Importance of connection and engagement – dual responsibility
 Samples of Ministry Opportunities
 Importance of connection – Bulletin, Social Media, etc.
 Explanation of Folder contents, books and c d’s
 Welcome to schedule appointments with Ministry Coordinator, and/or Director of Marketing & Communications
 Question & Answer Period


• Sign In Sheets – 2 each for English and Spanish; clip boards and working pens for each
 Name Tags and felt tip pens
 Matthew Kelly Book – The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic (one per family which responded and at least 6 extra copies)
 Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic Audio CD’s (4-6 discs)
 Wrapped Gifts – Crucifix (one per family which responded and at least 6 extras)
• Lion Share Folder – containing:
    - St. Mark the Evangelist Resource Guide – 1 copy
    - Stewardship Brochure – additional resources as supplies last
    - St. Mark Ten Commandments magnet – as supplies last
    - Lion’s Share Pledge Card
    - Two car magnets – as supplies last
    - Letter from Marketing/Communications Director
    - Information on Formed.org
    - Timely invitations to upcoming events - if applicable
    - Business Cards for Director of Marketing, Communications and Development, and the Ministry Coordinator


Spanish Welcome Receptions
• Two boxes doughnuts – from parish supply 
• Bottled Water

English Welcome Receptions (after evening Masses)
• Wine (1 bottle red, 1 bottle white) or Sangria
• Bottled Water
• Two varieties of cheese
• Grapes

English Welcome Receptions (after morning Masses)
Guests are invited to help themselves from the Coffee and Doughnuts Fellowship area